#1988: Yon-Rogg & Phil Coulson



Hey, do you guys remember yesterday’s whacky pairing of two guys from Captain Marvel that never meet?  Well then you’ll love today’s pairing of two other guys from Captain Marvel that also never meet.  Though, I guess in a slight uptick of connectivity, at least these two do occupy the same planet at the same time, which is more than yesterday’s pair.  Maybe they formed a budding relationship off-screen!  Well, let’s look at best buds Yon-Rogg and Phil Coulson.  Nope, that feels wrong.  I don’t think these guys are friends.  Let’s look at mortal enemies Yon-Rogg and Phil Coulson.  There, that feels better.


Yon-Rogg and Coulson are the last of the Walgreens-exclusive Marvel Minimates for the Captain Marvel assortment.  There’s also going to be a specialty-exclusive boxed set, but these are it for now.


Man, we were really itching to find out what Yon-Rogg’s big secret was before the movie came out.  Turns out the big secret was that there was really no big secret, aside perhaps from this version of Yon-Rogg somehow ending up as less villainous than his comics counterpart.  Honestly, though, it feels like they came up with the role for Law without knowing exactly which Kree officer he’d be playing, and eventually decided to tag him with Yon-Rogg’s name (the fact that said name is only spoken once in the film, said in a scene where his character isn’t even present kind of lends credence to this).  Whatever the case, he’s a pretty prominent character, and obviously he was going to show up somewhere in this line.  He makes use of add-on pieces for his hair, backpack, gloves, belt, and holster.  The hair is reused from Venkman, but otherwise these pieces are new.  At first glance, the holster looks the same as Korath’s, but it’s actually its mirror piece, correctly representing their placement in the film.  Like Carol, Yon-Rogg also includes an alternate helmet piece, should you want him fully armed up.  But, given how briefly he wears it in the movie, I don’t see it getting much use from me.  Yon-Rogg’s paint is pretty involved, and matches up with Carol and Bron-Charr (but not with Korath and Ronan). The face has a pretty solid likeness of Jude Law, which is certainly refreshing after the Legends figure.  Yon-Rogg is packed with a pistol, an effect piece for his weird gauntlet thing, and a clear display stand.


Though relatively minor in the film, Coulson’s return to the MCU proper was still a delightful one, and Clark Gregg was clearly having a blast playing the rookie field agent version of the character.  His presence in this assortment is no doubt due to the large fanbase for the character.  He’s not new to Minimates, with an MCU release back in Series 39 for the first Thor film (reviewed here), plus animated and comics versions of the character.  That said, it’s nice to get another go at him, if for nothing else than to pair off with Fury.  Coulson is pretty much the same as Fury in terms of construction, just swapping out the hairpiece for a new one, representing Coulson’s ’90s hair.  Of course, it’s nondescript enough to work for a modern Coulson as well, if that’s what you’re looking for.  Coulson’s paintwork is respectable.  I think the facial likeness is better than prior attempts, and I especially like the different pattern on the tie.  Like Fury, Coulson is packed with a spare set of white arms, a handgun, a shoulder holster, and a clear display stand.


Though they don’t offer much new after looking at all of the other figures in this line-up, I do find myself quite liking this pair.  It’s nice to get a Yon-Rogg figure that isn’t horribly disappointing, and I’ve been hoping for a Coulson update since The Avengers came out.  All in all, a nice pair to round out a pretty fun little assortment.  I look forward to the boxed set.

#1967: Yon-Rogg



“Leader of the Star Force team, Yon-Rogg is a hero among the Kree and a key asset to the Supreme Intelligence in the war against the Skrulls.”

The number on today’s review could either be very clever, or only marginally related to the contents, depending on how things play out in Captain Marvel.  You see, in December of 1967, we got the first appearance of Kree Captain Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel (at least as far as Marvel Comics is concerned.)  What does that have to do with today’s subject, apart from being from the movie of the same title?  Well, nothing as it stands currently, but a lot when the movie’s cast was still being announced.  When Jude Law was cast in the film, it was announced he would be playing Dr. Walter Lawson, the Earth-based secret identity of Mar-Vell.  Law’s blonde-haired-blued-eyed appearance as, well as typically playing heroic roles made him seem to be a natural choice for Mar-Vell.  However, when the trailers hit, and interviews started, and merchandise started being solicited, all of the sudden, Law’s character was the unnamed “Star Force Commander,” with his identity being kept top-secret.  Then, at the begging of February, after a month or two of rumors, Law was confirmed as Yon-Rogg, by this figure, the Minimate, and the Pop.  Despite all of that, there’s still a good deal of confusion about the exact nature of Law’s character, and why the secretive Vell/Rogg switch occurred.  I guess we’ll know more in a matter of hours.


Yon-Rogg is numbered figure 4 in the Kree Sentry Series of Marvel Legends.  He’s the final film-based figure in the line-up.  The figure stands 6 1/4 inches tall and he has 32 points of articulation.  Yon-Rogg is sporting an all-new sculpt, which is…a bit of a mixed bag, really.  Right off the bat, we’re dealing with the fact that this figure is supposed to based on Jude Law’s character, but you wouldn’t really know that by looking at him.  His head is wearing a helmet, which have yet to see Law actually wearing in any of the promotional stuff.  I’m sure he’s going to where it at some point in the film, but it’s clearly not his main appearance.  What’s more, what we can see of his face seems a good deal more generic than a proper Law likeness would be.  The whole head seems a little large when sitting on the rest of the body.  Of course, it’s nothing compared to his feet.  Those things are truly huge, and don’t appear to be remotely in scale with the rest of the figure.  Were they worried he was going to have stability issues?  He’s also got these weirdly large and flat sections of armor on his forearms, which don’t seem to match with the film appearance, and just generally make him feel rather awkward while posing.  Just in general, this is a rather odd looking figure.  I guess the paintwork is a little better; the metallic green certainly looks cool, and it contrasts all right with the black and silver.  There are still a few off spots, where sculpted details are left totally unpainted, but compared to the sculpt, it’s kind of a breath of fresh air.  So, obviously, there’s no extra head for Yon-Rogg, but he does get a small blaster pistol, as well as the torso of the Kree Sentry.  Not a super impressive selection by any stretch, but at this point, I’ve already written the figure off.


Yon-Rogg is a figure I wanted to like.  I’m a sucker for the Kree Soldier look, and when he was originally shown, there was some belief that this might have just been an army builder.  I’d like to say he’d be better that way, but I really can’t.  There are just a lot of flaws to this figure, which hold him back from being as good as he could.  Maybe we’ll get a more proper Yon-Rogg in a two-pack or something.