#0078: Ultraman



So, after yesterday’s review being a bit of a downer, today I’ll be looking at something far more exciting!  This is my first review from Ultra-Act, a line I’m beginning to love way too much.  The purpose of the line is to release highly-articulated, highly-accessorized figures of the many versions of Japanese hero Ultraman!  I’ll be looking at the one who started it all, the original Ultraman.


The Ultra-Act figures, similarly to Marvel Select, aren’t released in traditional waves, but rather single releases.  Ultraman was released as part of the 2012 series of the Ultra-Act line.  He’s the second release of this version of the character, with a few “improvements” from the original.  More broadly, he’s based on Ultraman from the 1966 series, but specifically he’s based on the design from a bit later in the series.  It’s the look that the character sported for the majority of the series, and it’s how most people remember the character.  It’s also the most refined of his looks from the show, so it was well chosen.  Ultraman stands a hair over 6 inches tall and has 40 points of articulation.  The sculpt looks fairly accurate to the character’s look on the show.  The details are a little soft, but that’s actually appropriate, so no issues there.  The eyes are really well done, with the texturing being handled very well.  The paint is superb, with no noticeable slop or smudges.  The flat finish helps to make it look more realistic, which is cool.  The accessories are definitely one of the figure’s coolest areas.  Ultraman includes an alternate color timer in red instead of blue, 2 dust clouds that can be placed at Ultraman’s feet, and 10 hands: fisted (L and R), relaxed (L and R), splayed (L and R), karate-chop (L and R), peace sign (R), hand with energy beam (R), and hand with an energy disk (R).  The hands are of course the main affair here, and they’re all done really well.  They swap out pretty easily, and the variety of gestures really adds a lot to what you can do with the figure.  The color timer and the dirt cloud I can take or leave, but they’re also neat additions and go a long way to make the figure worth-while.


I got this guy earlier this year from Amazon, with a little help from my parents funds-wise.  He’s so much fun, and I super glad to have him.  I’ve been a huge Ultraman fan since I was 3 or 4 years old, but I’ve never had a figure that really lived up to the character until now.  The Ultra-Act line is a bit on the pricey side, being imports and all, but having this guy in hand, he’s so worth it!  He’s just one of those figures that’s hard to put down.

What more do you want from me?  It’s Ultraman!


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