Guest Review #0008: P-Body




Hey guys!  The following is a Guest Review from my awesome brother Christian Wilson!  Take it away Christian…

Hello, everybody! It’s me again! The brother of the big man upstairs (Ethan)! As these (P-Body AND Atlas) are my figures and they are from a game I played (and very much enjoyed), I’ll be reviewing these robotic buddies of friendship for you loyal 17 readers. Now, sit back and “HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS!”


P-BodyWilsonAs P-Body was the first figure I obtained (I’ll explain later), it’s only fitting that I review this strapping and tall robot buddy first!

P-Body and Atlas (who will be tomorrow’s review) are the co-op playable characters from the video game Portal 2 by Valve. She is the robot best-friend of his robot counterpart, Atlas, and her Portal Gun colors are Orange and Red. P-Body stands at about 8 inches tall with 17 points of articulation. The overall sculpt of the figure is all its own since this line is very limited and no two figures really use the same parts (maybe Atlas possibly uses the same parts, but if so, not many).The figure has one LED-Lit eye (that you may switch on and off at will) and it is really FREAKING bright! As she is very detailed as a robot with all the wiring and stuff, her articulation is strange. In the game, P-Body moves around with her legs a TON. So, you’d expect SOME leg articulation, but it is very limited. This lack of articulation in the leg department is also present in the other figure in this line, Chell. The paint, for a figure that only cost $25, is fantastic! It looks extremely aesthetically pleasing and represents his character greatly! The figure has one accessory, her personal Portal Gun! It is LED-Lit also, but only displays one color, Red. It is also well-painted, but a reuse of the Portal Gun belonging to Chell (the first figure in the line). P-Body needs some jimmying to get her to hold it, but she can! P-Body, unlike Chell, does not come with a stand. She can stand on her own, but again, it will take some jimmying.

WARNING! These figures like to break A LOT! Not beyond repair, but in the case of P-Body, mine’s right arm comes loose on a regular basis. This may not be the case of yours(if you choose to buy one after reading this review, already own one, or are from the FUTURE) but it is very much the case with mine. Still, I think this figure is WAY PAST COOL and I was and am excited to purchase and own her!


I got these very recently (The day before I wrote this review) at a Toys R Us in Glen Burnie. Both Atlas & P-Body were there, in fact TWO Atlas’s(Atlases? Atlasi?), but both were broken and would both need to be bought just to fix one. So I ordered Atlas immediately. Still wanting something to get, I got P-Body. I STILL AM IN LOVE WITH THIS FIGURE, but it would’ve been nice to have both. As these were delayed again and again, I was swooned away when I finally got at least one. Now we wait for Atlas.


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  1. I absolutely love this figure – must be my inner robot nerd coming out, haha. It’s a shame that it’s so prone to breaking, though. Is it easily fixed?

    • It’s a pretty great figure! My P-Body didn’t have any issues with breaking, but Christian’s had an issue with one of the arms popping off of the peg. It’s an easy enough fix, it just pops right back. I would recommend just being careful with the figure.

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